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Welcome to Azure Chinchillas



Azure Chinchillas, based in Hampshire, is a small hobby set-up specialising in breeding healthy, show-quality Violet Chinchillas. The aim of the Azure Chinchillas website is to provide advice on chinchilla care; housing chinchillas (suitable chinchilla cages, environmental enrichment), feeding chinchillas (chinchilla diet and nutrition), advice on breeding chinchillas (looking after chinchilla kits, handfeeding chinchilla kits), chinchilla health and there is a list of chinchilla illnesses (detailing easy-to-spot symptoms); occasionally we advertise chinchillas for sale too.the quadrant hotel auckland

I hope that all chinchilla owners - (experienced chinchilla breeders or those new to chinchillas) - will be able to easily and simply navigate around this site, accessing iq option withdrawal some useful information (all rights reserved), which is based on my own practical experiences in keeping these intelligent and amusing rodents as well as my own research!!

You will also find chinchillas for sale as well as my acclaimed chinchilla herd mix, which can be ordered through the Azure Chinchillas E-shop.

Please note: I do not support or have anything to do with the fur-industry.

I have over 22 years experience keeping these wonderful pets, 20 years experience in breeding them and 14 years experience showing my chinchillas. I currently co-write articles on chinchilla husbandry for several Pet Magazines including Fur & Feather Magazine.

I have several of my original pet chinchillas, now well into their early twenties in some cases, living in comfortable retirement and some ex-rescues and rehomed chinchillas also enjoying a safe and secure life!

All my chinchillas enjoy cages furnished with ledges and sleeping pads, plenty of toys to ensure that they do not become bored, and the best possible diet. Their unit has plenty of natural light and ventilation and is fully equipped with air-conditioning and dehumidification, essential for our damp English climate.

I have learned much in the 23 years I have been keeping chinchillas, but you never stop learning!! I hope to be able to share some of my ongoing knowledge via this website, and I hope you enjoy reading it. 

Keep a close eye on the Events page for chinchilla shows and events around the UK in 2013 and 2014.