The Violet

Date of Discovery: 1960-1964 (uncertain)

Ranch/Country of Origin: Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), Africa.

History: Probably has the most interesting history of all Chinchilla mutations.murphy

In 1974 the rancher in Africa, who had the first Violets on his ranch, contacted Mr Sullivan. Due to civil unrest, he wished to leave Africa and offered to sell Mr Sullivan his entire herd. Mr Sullivan agreed to this.

On the night of October 5th 1975, 31 chinchillas were smuggled out of Rhodesia, concealed in a load of poultry. They crossed into Mozambique and loaded onto an aircraft, destined for Johannesburg. After a further refueling stop in Lagos (Nigeria) they then arrived in Frankfurt for the transfer to the final leg to Los Angeles.

However, there were no health certificates with the airway tickets for this final leg, which was a potentially disastrous omission for Mr Sullivan and the Violets. After telling the agent in Los Angeles that the chinchillas had been in transit for many days and would die without rest, food and water, the Agent agreed to "turn a blind eye" and Mr Sullivan was able to whisk them away!!

This amazing effort to bring the Violets out of Africa enabled Mr Sullivan to work with and develop the Violet, which resulted in its popularity today. It is one of the most striking and beautiful mutations, in my opinion.

Appearance/Characteristics: A beautiful violet/lilac colour with superior veiling. Should have a sparkling and clear white belly, nice textured fur (although prone to weakness) and good overall blocky appearance. It has dark eyes and ears that match the fur colouring.

Basic Breeding Results:
Violet can be combined with other colours to achieve various results. Here are a few examples:

Violet X Standard = 100% Standard Carrying Violet

Violet X Heterozygous Beige (carrying Violet) = 25% Violet - 25% Standard (carrying Violet) - 25% Heterozygous Beige (carrying Violet) - 25% Beige/Violet Dihybrid.

Violet X Black Velvet (carrying Violet) = 25% Violet - 25% Standard (carrying Violet) - 25% Black Velvet (carrying Violet) - 25% Ultra Violet

Wilson White X Violet = 50% Wilson White (carrying Violet) - 50% Standard (carrying Violet)

Other Names: Afro-Violet, Lavender, Lilac, Sullivan Violet.